Been working none stop it seems. Sorry it's been so long since I've blogged! Church has been great and I've been talking a lot more to my lady friend. But I still am not sure if we will be more than friends. I don't feel the same about her like I did. Anywho....I've really enjoyed Assasins Creed IV! I haven't played it in months. I haven't even seen black beard yet! I know right?! I guess I've slowed down on gaming and watched more tv shows instead. Well I'm imbetween services at church so ill blog again soon. Lata yall






Just back from Arkansas last night around 8:30. We drove about 13 hours home and unloaded our equipment and head our separate ways home. I actually stayed with my parents house. Which was nice not having to drive after how tired I was. It was a great week at camp! All the kids and youth enjoyed the music and the company of the band. We sold a ton of merch and made a lot of new friends and fans. I 'twas awesome! Hope to go again next year. Well, back to reality, even though reality seems unreal compared to life on the road. Peace!






So the band OneWayHome and I have gone to this camp in Smithville, Arkansas for 5-6 years now. It's an amazing camp cause we go with a youth group from Waco,Tx. And we have lead worship with them and know everyone on a one on one basis pretty much. Of course we lead worship and have a mini concert at the camp. It's also a good rekindling of the flame in our relationships with others and mainly Christ Jesus. I love the camp owners too. There the kindest people you'll ever meet. Oh and the whole family has some stories to tell lol anywho. I'm excited to have two new members I'm the band yes one is a female and one a ginger.....red head lol new dianamics out tha wazoo. Aight we gotta pack at 11 and head for Texarkana after that so I'm head to bed peace y'all!


So I'm leading worship at a Baptist church in Waller, Tx tomorrow! I haven't lead worship in a while. So I'm not nervous at all which worries me lol I don't know how to feel about tomorrow morning. I don't know how to get there, other than Siri and google maps. It's just gonna a be an experience I've never had before. Maybe it's what God wants for me. I mean it's closer to where I live. The church I'm leading at normally is an hour and twenty minutes away. Anywho I'm kinda excited hope it goes well.


So I've been working a ton! Sorry for not blogging that much folks! I've been. Really busy just working church and seeing my friends and family on Sunday after church. Or whenever I go down to see them. I've been watching a show called Lie to Me and Breaking Bad. They are both amazing shows. Lie to Me is about the Lightman group. Which is Dr. Cal Lightman's branch of people who he has trained to read micro expressions, so they can tell if they are lying or telling the truth ect. They help out police departments FBI and other various branches I law enforcement. Check it out its a great show. Breaking Bad is about two people that have nothing in common. The main character Walter is a science teacher with a part time job at a car wash trying to make ends meet. Supporting the family with a baby on the way and a 15 year old son which has cerebral palsey. Jesse is your druggy selling his Chili powdered version of meth on the streets living in his dead aunts old house. This guys crazy btw. Lol nah but he is cool. So Walter is diagnosed with Lung Cancer and hears that there is a huge amount of money in selling meth. So he finds this Jesse and they come into an agreement to be partners and cook meth together. Cooking is what creating meth is called. Anywho the seasons on both shows are between 7-14 episodes give or take. But they are so good and very entertaining. But there both in the PG-13 to NC-17 rating. Check them out I like them maybe you will too.

So I saw Iron Man 3 with my dad a few weeks ago. It was amazing! For being the first movie after the Avengers, it was phenomenal! Then a week after that I saw Star Trek Into Darkness with me papa too! Amazing movie as well! So last night with my BBF "best bro forever" I saw Hangover Part III. I'm not to big on the trilogy but it was funny and had some cool twists. Tonight I'm gonna see the midnight premiere of Fast 6 which is the 6th installment of The Fast an the Furious series. I'm not to big on them either but there good. And worth seeing. They are all really good movies I approve of. If you like the movies and Ratings there in. If I chose the best out of all of those, it's a fight between Star Trek and Iron Man 3. So which one was your favorite series out of the four listed?




I just bought a Nintendo Wii again a week ago. So I've been playing Zelda Twilight Princess. Which is an amazing game btw. I've only beat it on The Nintendo GameCube. So now I'm super confused because when they released it on Wii, they made Link right handed so the sword is in the right hand and sheild in left. So when they did that they literally flip flopped the whole game. For example if the all the map iis on the left on the GameCube version of ZTP it would be reversed on Wii. Strange right! But if your like me and haven't played the game in a while playing it on a different console is like having a whole new Zelda game experience with it all flip flopped. Any who, I'm gonna get back to playin y'all! Peice out!
Well I have a hair appointment now and a Dr. appointment later. I should probably not do it the same day. I feel kinda rushed but at least I'm off. I keep thinking oh yeah after the Dr. Visit I have the rest of the day for myself!!!! Hallelujah! Any who yeah I don't have a primary Dr. So I'm just going with who my family sees. Only bad thing it's an hour twenty south from my apartment. Anywho I'm getting my hair did now peice out!
Yes StarWars may be the best movies of all time! They have so much history in the making and all have great casts. I kinda worried at what Disney will do with the next trilogy. But it's an all new story, which is upsetting, cause some guy wrote a trilogy of books for the sequel to episode six. Which were awesome btw. Anywho I hope y'all have enjoyed SW as much as I have and will continue. Mis if the population of the world has seen them. If you haven't watch em give them a chance and May the Force Be With You!
So tonight is the Needtobreathe concert at House of Blues! I'm not as excited as I want to be. Mainly cause Travis Acree my bro isn't coming. But I'm goin with a couple of his friends from church and Pat Longmire's mom Denise! Which will be fun cause I haven't seen Trav's friends or Denise in a while. I think I might actually stand further in the back of the crowd this time so I can not go deaf and hear all the instruments in the mix. It will be loud and proud. Hope they play new stuff tomorrow!

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